RF 2009 Program

Rouge Forum 2009 Tentative Schedule

THURSDAY 14 May 2009
8:00 pm Social/Cultural Activity: TBA
FRIDAY 15 May 2009(75 Minute Paper Sessions)
8:00 am Registration (all day) & light breakfast
8:30 Welcome Joe Bishop & Dean Vernon C. Polite (EMU College of Education)
9:00 Steering Committee Report Adam Renner & Joe Bishop
9:30-10:45: SESSION 1
Breakout A: Past and Present Paul J. Ramsey, Eastern Michigan University Popular Sentiment, Elite Control, and Unsatisfying Compromises: The Nature and Structure of School Reform in the United States
Roger Mourad, Washtenaw Community College Morality, Inquiry, and the University
Cory Maley, University of Connecticut Education Through the Cracks: Engaging in Democratic Alternatives to Modern Schooling.
Breakout B: Higher Education, Neoliberalism and Corporatization EMU Student Panel Our Experiences With and Thoughts About LiveText
Joe Bishop & Christopher G. Robbins, Eastern Michigan University Hubris in Higher Education: Neoliberal Managerialism, Technocratic Rationality, and Branding in the Teacher Education Accountability Movement
Adam Renner, Bellarmine University Empire in the Academy? The Corporatization of University Space (OR The Sodexoazation of a University Community)
11:00-12:15: SESSION 2
Breakout A: Special Education Collin Bertram, Eastern Michigan University Humanizing Students with Special Needs: Redefining the Least Restrictive Environment
Michael Peterson, Whole Schooling Consortium & Wayne State University From Empire to Inclusive Learning Communities: A Road Less Traveled
Breakout B: Higher Education and Control Nancye McCrary, University of Kentucky Countering the Persistent Authoritarian, Hierarchical, and Discipline-Specific Approaches to Teacher Education
Charles Muwonge, Eastern Michigan University Ecclesiastical Control of Governance in US Catholic Universities and Colleges
Serhiy Kovalchuk, Eastern Michigan University Introduction of Democratic Schooling and Curriculum in Teacher Education Programs: Truth or Myth?
12:15-1:45: LUNCH Keynote Speaker: Rebecca Martusewicz, Eastern Michigan University Rethinking Justice: Eco-democratic Reforms in Education
2:00-3:15: SESSION 3
Breakout A: Peak Oil 1FILM Ethan Lowenstein, Eastern Michigan University How Cuba Survived Peak Oil: Peak Oil and its Implications for Educators in the U.S.
Breakout B: The International Arena Denis Smorchkov and Elena Ivankova, Voronezh State University, Russia and Inna Gorlova, Eastern Michigan University Perception of Democracy: What do Russian Schools and Society Teach, and What do Mobile Students Learn from Their Personal Experiences about Democracy?
Gina Stiens, Sonya Burton, and Adam Renner, Bellarmine University Education for Liberation or Domination?: Toward a Reciprocal/Generative Global Partnership
3:30-4:45: SESSION 4
Breakout A: Peak Oil 2 Joe Cronin, Antioch University Energy, Inequality, and Post Peak-Oil Redistribution
Breakout B: Immigration, Native Americans, and Minorities Michael HaleOwens Community College What’s Left in the Immigration Debate?
Richard M. Jones, Oglala Lakota College and Terry O. Albers, Little Wound School Native American Education Reconsidered
Maria Gonzalez Allen, Eastern Michigan University A Revolution in American Public Education- 2010?
5:00-6:30: SESSION 5
PUBLIC PERFORMANCE Billy X. Curmano, Art Works USA Billy X: Live Art at the Forum
6:30-8:30: Supper See list of locations
8:30-11:30: Social Music and socializing TBA
SATURDAY 16 MAY 2009(1.5 & 3 hour Professional Development Sessions & Workshops)
8:00 am Registration (all day) & light breakfast
8:30 Welcome Joe Bishop & Don Bennion (Teacher Education Department Chairperson)
9:00-12:15: Breakout 1 & 2 A: EcoJustice Workshop Rebecca Martusewicz, Eastern Michigan University and Gloria Rivera, Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition Developing Eco-Ethical Consciousness and Citizen-Stewards: EcoJustice and Community-Based Education
9:00-12:15: Breakout 1 & 2 B: History Workshop Sonya Burton and Corrie Orthober, Bellarmine University Students Interpreting History to Question, Examine and Dispute Power Relationships
9:00-12:15: Breakout 1 & 2 C: Social Justice Workshop kiran nigam, Clonlara School Education for Social Justice In and Out of the Classroom
9:00-10:30: Breakout 1 D: Preserving Common Freedom Workshop Rich Gibson, San Diego State University The Critique of Tyranny: Investigating the Relationship of the Master and the Slave
10:45-12:15: Breakout 2 D: Domination and Inequities Patricia Briscoe, University of Calgary How Do We Challenge What We Don’t Know? Moving Toward Exposing Unconscious Racism
Faith Agostinone Wilson, George Williams College, Aurora University Sources of Opposition to Sexuality and LGBTQ Rights in the Schools
12:30-1:45: Lunch Keynote Speaker: Staughton Lynd, Youngstown, OH What Is To Be Done?
2:00-3:30: SESSION 3
Breakout A: Art Workshop Billy X. Curmano, Art Works USA TBA
Breakout B: Personal Examples and Strategies Ofira Roll, University of Pittsburgh Dialogue up for grabs 
Carol Williams, Lakehead University Success for All: Beyond Traditional Perspectives of Education
Breakout C: Neoliberalism and Corporate Textbooks Lance Mason, Eastern Michigan University Modern Roots of Popular Neoliberal Rationality
Christopher Leahey, North Syracuse Junior High School Whitewashing War: Historical Myth, Corporate Textbooks, and Possibilities for Authentic Inquiry
Breakout D: Free Schooling kiran nigam and Anthony Meza-Wilson, Clonlara School Education as the Practice of Freedom: Life Inside a Free School
Breakout E: Empowering Students Adam Renner, Bellarmine University, Doug Selwyn, Plattsburgh State and Nancye McCrary, University of Kentucky Doing Democracy: Empowering Students to Remake their World
3:45-5:15: SESSION 4
Breakout A: Student Field Trips William R. Boyer, Oak Park High and Scott Craig, Birmingham Seaholm High (plus two participating students from their respective high schools) Student Field Trips between Wealth and Want: A Class Exchange
Breakout B: Student Centered Research Doug Selwyn, Plattsburgh State Digging Deeper: Building Classrooms Around Student-Centered Research
Breakout C: Democratic Schooling Isaac Graves, AERO The Power of Self-Determination in Learning
TBA, Ann Arbor Open School TBA
Breakout D: Social Change E. Wayne Ross, University of British Columbia Reform or revolution: Reform, Revolution and Movements for Social Change
5:30-6:30: SESSION 5
KEYNOTE ADDRESS Keynote Speaker: Greg Queen, Fitzgerald High School Standards Based Education, Class Struggle and Academic Freedom
6:30-8:30: Supper See list of locations
8:30-11:30: Social Music and socializing 1) Adam Renner; 2) TBA
SUNDAY 17 May 2009
9:00 – 10:00 am Software for Social Democracy Joe Bishop, Eastern Michigan University Using Free and Open Source Software (F/OSS) to Support Public Democracy
10:00 -11:00 am Plenary Session Everyone Conference Wrap-up: Reflection, Next Steps
11:00 Steering Committee Steering Committee (and interested others) Steering Committee Meeting