RF 2008 Louisville

Rouge Forum Conference 2008

The theme for the 2008 Rouge Forum Conference is: “Education: Reform or Revolution?” and will be hosted by Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY March 14 –March 16, 2008. Given the recent Supreme Court decision, striking down the local school district’s student assignment plan; the ongoing war(s) in the Middle East; and the consistent environmental degradation of the planet, the 2008 conference will focus on one of the major socializing influences in our lives: Education.

Bringing together academic presentations and lectures (from some of the most prominent voices for democratic, critical, and/or revolutionary pedagogy), panel discussions (on such topics as the local school district’s student assignment plan), professional development (on critical literacy and environmental education) for teachers in the region, community-building, and cultural events (poetry, music, dance, and/or drama) performed by local students and artists, this action-oriented conference will center on questions such as:

What is the future of public education in the US? (And, how might it be connected to and/or critical of endless war, declining democracy, and environmental devastation?

  • What is a democratic classroom? What does ‘democracy’ mean?
  • Why is public education necessary? Toward what ends should we educate?
  • Of what should a compelling public education consist? (Narrowing/Focus and standardization? Expanded and/or critical thinking? Something else?)
  • Can the current system be reformed in order to better serve children, families, and citizens?
  • If not, what would a new system look like? How would it be implemented? What past models exist on which to work and build?

To learn more about the conference, please contact any of our conference organizers:

Adam Renner (arenner@bellarmine.edu),

Rich Gibson (rgibson@pipeline.com),

Wayne Ross (wayne.ross@ubc.ca).

Gina Stiens (stiensg@yahoo.com)

David Owen (dsowen04@louisville.edu)

Jardana Peacock (jardana99pk@yahoo.com)

Mary Goral (mgoral@bellarmine.edu)

Sonya Burton (sburton@bellarmine.edu)


Review of Paper Proposals treating any of the above questions will begin December 15, 2007. Please send your proposals to Adam Renner (arenner@bellarmine.edu). As we expect a number of proposals for a limited number of slots please forward your proposal as soon as possible.

Performance Proposals should also be forwarded to Adam Renner (arenner@bellarmine.edu) by December 15, 2007. Please describe your art/performance and how it may relate to the conference topic/questions.


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