RF 2008 Program

Rouge Forum 2008

Education: Reform or Revolution? 

Conference Schedule (Overview)

Thursday evening, March, 13

7:00pm —Spoken word and jazz, featuring Janiece Jaffee

(Blue Mountain Coffeehouse, 400 E. Main St.)

Friday, March 14—Bellarmine University

7:30am—Breakfast—Please join us at Breadworks and Heine Bros. for coffee and bagels/pastries. Located in the Douglass Loop, 2 blocks from

Bellarmine University campus, 2200 Bardstown Rd.

8:00-8:30        Registration begins (Frazier Hall)

8:30-9:00        Welcome (SVPAA Doris Tegart)

9:00-10:30      Paper Presentation Session 1

(See “Session Details”)

10:45-12:15    Paper Presentation Session 2

(See “Session Details”)

12:15-1:45       Lunch (at The Loop Deli, 2216 Dundee Rd. in the Douglass Loop)

Featured Speaker: Dr. Milton Brown

2:00-3:30        Paper Presentation Session 3

(See “Session Details”)

3:45-5:00        Panel Discussion 1: Revolutionary and Radical Pedagogy

(Featuring: Dr. Nancy Patterson, Mr. Greg Queen, Dr. Joseph Cronin, moderated by Dr. Adam Renner; Frazier Hall)

5:00-8:00         Dinner  (on own) Check out the art show of BU student and RF  member, Bryan Reinholdt (in Wyatt Hall)

8:00-???          Beyond the Sound Bites Teach-in Series (Installment IV): No child left unrecruited—Is there a school to military pipeline (Featuring: Dr. Rich Gibson, Dr. Faith Agostinone-Wilson; moderated by Dr. E. Wayne Ross; Frazier Hall)

Saturday, March 15—University of Louisville

8:00am             Registration (Red Barn)

Light breakfast (provided by Nancy’s Bagels & Heine Bros. Coffee)

8:30                   Welcome (Dean Blaine Hudson)

9:00-10:30        Paper Presentation Session 4

(See “Session Details”)

9:00-12:15        Professional Development

Critical Literacy (1), Green Education (2)

10:45-12:15     Paper Presentation Session 5

(See “Session Details”)

12:15-1:45        Lunch (catered Tess Krebs, Red Barn)

The Saturday Academy: What is the future of student assignment in Jefferson County? (Tentative Panelists include: Dr. Tracy K’Meyer, Mr. John HeyburnMr. Dwayne Westmoreland, Ms. Deborah Stallworth; moderated by Dr. Blaine Hudson, Red Barn)

2:00-3:30         Paper Presentation Session 6

(See “Session Details”)

3:45-4:15         Dr. Rich Gibson

4:15-5:00         Keynote Address: Dr. E. Wayne Ross, “Education: Reform or Revolution?”

5:00-8:00         Dinner (on own)

8:00                  Cultural Event: music, poetry, and other dramatic performance—Featuring the music of Harry Pickens and the Uprisings (Red Barn)

Sunday, March, 16—Kentucky Alliance against Racist and Political Oppression HQ, The Braden Center, 3208 W. Broadway


10:00-12:00 Final Wrap up to Conference: reflection, next steps, action


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