RF 2011 Program

Education and the State: A Critical Antidote to the Commercialized, Racist, and Militaristic Order

The Rouge Forum 2011

May 20-22, 2011

Lewis University, Romeoville, IL

Friday May 20

8:15am                 Conference Registration begins (University Dining Room)

8:30-9:30am         Breakfast and Opening Announcements

9:45-11:00am       Session One

Session A:  Interactive Panel

Celibate to Controversy: Professional Identities of Neutrality and LGBTQ Issues in School Contexts, Dr. Joe Wegwert (Northern Arizona University) & Dr. Faith Agostinone-Wilson (Aurora University)

Session B:  Paper Session

The Failure of Corporate School Reform: Towards a New Common School, Dr. Kenneth Saltman (Depaul University)

Working to Recover the Essence of Education for the Sake of Teaching and Teacher Education: Towards a Phenomenological Understanding of the Forgotten, Ontological Aspects of Learning, Dr.  James Magrini (College of DuPage)

Session C:  Paper Session

Ohio’s Senate Bill 5, Dr. Joe Cronin (Antioch University)

Red Education Against Fascism, Dr. Rich Gibson (San Diego State University)

11:00-11:15         Coffee Break

11:20-12:30         Session Two

Session A: Workshop Presentation

An Inquiry into Inquiry; Bringing Student Voice into the Classroom through Student Centered Research, Dr. Nancye McCrary (University of Kentucky) and Dr. Doug Selwyn (SUNY Plattsburg)

Session B: Paper Presentations

Teaching Social Justice to US Veterans, Dr. June C. Terpstra (NEIU)

Dangerous Citizenship: A Theory and Practice of Contemporary Critical Education, Dr. E. Wayne Ross (University of British Columbia) & Dr. Kevin D. Vinson (University of the West Indies)

Session C: Panel Session

University Scapegoating and Oppressing Youth for an Unjust Social World: A Critical Examination of Zero-Tolerance Schooling Policies, Dr. Brad J. Porfilio (Lewis University),  Elizabeth Protich, (Lewis University), & Kristi Kell (Lewis University)

12:30-1:30pm           Lunch

1:30-2:45pm             Session Three

Session A

If We Are to Survive, We Must First Learn to Die:  Conversations About the End of Education, Dr. Kip Kline (Lewis University) (chair), Dr. Dennis Carlson (Miami University) (discussant), Antonio Garcia, (SUNY at Brockport), Kristopher Holland, (University of Cincinnati), Mark Helmsing, (University of Michigan), &  Luis Gabriel Aguilera, (activist, artist, and writer)

Session B: Paper Session

“You Dick!” Representations of Public Schools and Teachers in 1970s and 80s Movies, Dr. Robert L. Dahlgren (SUNY Fredonia)

What Does Education for Liberation Look Like Compared to the More Socially Reproductive/Dominating Education We See in Many of our Nation’s Schools?, Greg Queen, (Fitzgerald High School, Warren, MI)

2:45-3:10pm             Coffee Break

3:20-4:30                  Keynote Presentation, Dr. Dennis L. Carlson (Miami University)

4:30-5:00                  Plenary Session: Reflection, Dialogue, and Summary

Saturday, May 21

8:30-9:30am              Breakfast

9:45-11:00am            Session One

Session A: (Panel Session)

The Corporate Takeover of Teacher Education: Exposing and Challenging NCTQ’s Neoliberal Agenda, Dr. Lauren P. Hoffman (Lewis University), Dr. Brad J. Porfilio (Lewis University), & Ms. Diane L. Brown (Lewis University)

Session B: (Panel Session)

Dr. Carolyn VanderShee (Northern Illinois University) (discussant), Dr. Joshua Garrison (University Wisconsin Oshkosh),  Dr. Leslee Grey (Queen College, NYC), Dr. Kip Kline (Lewis University), & Jessica Heybach (Aurora University) -Critical Educational Implications of Dystopia: Resistance, Self-Formation, Violence, and Difficult Knowledge

Session C: (Paper Session)

Dr. Sarah A. Robert (SUNY at Buffalo), Heather Killelea McEntarfer (SUNY at Buffalo) Hunger for Education: Teachers’ Work, Gender, and Policy in Argentina

11:10-11:25am            Coffee Break

11:30am-12:20pm       Session Two

George Schmidt (Substance News)

12:30-1:30pm              Lunch

1:40-2:55pm                Session Three

Session A: Paper Session

Caring and Armed Love in the Urban Classroom:  Rehumanizing the Discourse, Dr. Emily Daniels (SUNY Plattsburgh)

Re-Inventing the Education of Deaf Students: Music and a New Literacy for a Critical Pedagogy for the Deaf, Dr. Ana Cruz (St. Louis Community College-Meramec)

Session B: Paper Session

Service Learning in a Large Urban School District Dr. Elizabeth Meadows, Dr. Pamela Robert (Roosevelt University), Dr. Beth Gillis (Roosevelt University)

Transformational Learning at Ruiz School, Dr. Elizabeth Meadows (Roosevelt University) & Dana Butler (Irma Ruiz Elementary School)

Session C: Panel Session

Neoliberalism Trumping The Politics of Hope:  A Critical Examination of the Obama Administration’s Educational Policies and Practices, Dr. Brad Porfilio (Lewis University) (chair), Dr. Peter Mclaren (UCLA) (discussant), Dr. Dennis Carlson (Miami University), Dr. Wayne Ross (University of British Columbia), Dr. Rich Gibson (San Diego State University), Dr. Virginia Lea (University of Wisconsin, Stout)

3:00-3:15pm            Coffee Break

3:15-4:30pm            Adam Renner Education for Social Justice Lecture

                                 Dr. Peter L. McLaren (UCLA)

4:30-5:00                  Plenary Session: Reflection, Dialogue, and Summary

Sunday, May 20

8:30-9:30am            Breakfast & Remembering Adam’s Renner’s Life and Work

10:00am-Noon        Steering Committee Meeting (off campus)


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