RF 2013 Breakout Sessions (presenters & titles)

Rouge Forum: Break-out Sessions Presentations (Download PDF version: 2013 RF Breakout Sessions)

Eugene Brosseau The Colonization of Art Education: How the Imposition of the Common Core State Standards Initiative Disrupts an Otherwise Natural Path to Human Understanding and Values

Doug Morris Pedagogy in Catastrophic Times

Yvette M. Powe Reimaging: Higher Education for Profit

Mivhael Mindzak Volunteering, Unpaid Labor, and Employment: Challenging the Assalt on New Teacher in Ontario

Patricia Briscoe The Power of Conformity: Stories from the Field of Teaching

Carolyn M. Shields A Critical Examination of Today’s “Undemocratic” Reform Agenda: The Case of Michigan

Greg Queen Standards-Based Education, Social Justice and Class Struggle

Amanda Kallenback Politics, Government Intervention in School Systems, and Cultural Relations among People of Urban Areas

C. Gregg Jorgensen Who Is At the Head of the Class: Students? Teachers? Or, Corporate America?

Lance E. Mason The Public Pedagogy and Habits of Punk Rock Music

Jean Ann Foley A Teacher’s Voice, A Performance Piece

Barbara Rose Heuberger Earning Our Outrage: Moving from Awareness to Collective and Systematic Action in Higher Education

Chloie Stelton “Inquiry in the Midst” — A Radical Analysis of Teacher Education from a Critical Undergraduate Lens

Mahtab Nazemi Student Activists Know Best: The Trials and Tribulations of Anti-racists Organizing at a Predominantly White and Wealthy Canadian Unversity

Pamela Rogers To ‘Raise the Bar’ or ‘Close the Gap’: International Baccalaureate Program Expansion and Neoliberal Curriculum Reform in Atlantic Canada

Hiba Kahil ElHajj The Home, Culturally and Linguistically diverse students, and the Unequal public Schools

Jeff Bale Linguistic Justice at School

Paula Meyer Linguistic Imperialism in the United States

Doug Morris Protest Music: Sing Along

Rich Gibson Why Are Things as They Are? What Explains the US’ National Hysterical Conversion Crisis? Why is Resistance so Mindless it Represents Ghost Dance After Ghost Dance? Capitalism Must Be Overcome–Finding a Pathway Through Barbarism Connecting Reason to Power in Education