RF 2013 – Conference Overview & Keynote Speakers

In terms of a program, the general outline for the conference weekend will be

  • Thursday evening: Social gathering
  • Friday: Keynote, features speakers and sessions throughout the day, social gathering in the evening.
  • Saturday: Keynote, features speakers and sessions throughout the day, social gathering in the evening.
  • Sunday: Late morning into early afternoon, participants can join in a conference reflection and future planning meeting.

A more detailed program will be forthcoming. At this point, our keynote and featured speakers are

Greg Johnson  Former Vice President of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. With 24 years seniority, he along with every other Detroit teachers, was fired at the beginning of the 2012-2013. The DFT did nothing but seek to guarantee their forced dues collection, this when more than 80 percent of the school worker force sought to leave the bankrupt union. Mr. Johnson is expert on the Detroit FT, the crises in DPS, and the city.

The Movement The Hip Hop Performing Arts Movement Collective is comprised of diverse talents utilizing dynamic iterations of hip hop (rap/spoken word, dance/movement, visual arts, and production) to articulate a socially conscious, academically driven message.

Vincent Emanuele Host of Veterans Unplugged and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War

Patrick Shannon  Reading Education coordinator at Penn State University. Author of “Reading WideAwake: Politics, Pedagogies, and Possibilities (Aug 12, 2011); “Reading Against Democracy: The Broken Promises of Reading Instruction” (2007). Shannon will deliver the 2013 Adam Renner Education for Social Justice Lecture.

Rich Gibson Author of “How Do I Keep My Ideals and Still Teach?” now free online.  Published widely in Z Magazine, Counterpunch, Cultural Logic, and Substance News. Gibson is also the author of the widely used article, “Why Have School?” so popular in colleges at the beginning of every semester. And, he is the co-editor of “The Education Agenda is A War Agenda: Class and Empire’s Wars,” coming in June 2013 from the Rouge Forum Press.

Alan Spector  Spector is a former national officer of the Students for a Democratic Society.  He holds a PhD in Sociology from Northwestern University and is now a professor at Purdue.  He is the co-author of the recently released “Crisis and Change,” one of the best outlines of Marxist sociology. Spector is the President-elect of the Association for Humanist Sociology. A professor, organizer, and author, Spector has demonstrated a lifetime commitment to the struggle for reason, equality, and social justice.  Spector recently returned from a trip to Delhi and Africa

Julie Herrada is the Curator of the Labadie Collection which is the oldest research collection of radical history in the United States, documenting a wide variety of international social protest movements of the nineteenth century to the present.

Download Keynote Speaker flyer

If you have specific questions, please email Greg Queen at rumbagarden@ameritech.net


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